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VocaWorks sources technology talent from many of the top universities, technical programs, bootcamps and coding academies in the country. We make it easy to discover and hire highly skilled people for your technology projects. Source, hire, and pay talented consultants all through one software platform, without the risk of hiring full-time!


Hire Technical Talent

Designed for rapidly growing startups and future-focused employers, VocaWorks is designed to help feature your employment brand & bring top technical talent into your organization.

We specialize in providing high-quality technical talent on a project basis. From sourcing to payment, it's all done online, so we make it a snap to hire. 

If you're an employer or a technology professional, we would love to see you on the platform. You can download the app (beautiful native iOS app coming soon) or join our web launch at

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What We're Doing

Our mission is to be the best way to hire technical staff for fast-moving projects. We're playing off of and reacting to a few trends that we see in the market, some of which are creating real problems.

Freelance work, or the "gig economy" is a big and fast growing trend. The whole economy and even the very nature of work is changing. However, people are getting left behind. We're calling ourselves the "no-gig platform," because we know people want more than gigs. They want project opportunities with real growth potential. They want meaningful work with employers that are doing impactful work. We're thinking purposefully small, creating a curated, high-quality marketplace concept for employment, that's built on technology that can scale.


Spread the Love

Love what we're doing with VocaWorks? Probably not as much as I do. But in any case, thanks for being a friend to the company.

At the risk of being entirely self-aggrandizing, here are some ways for you to easily spread the word on VocaWorks - because who really wants to write tweets?

Just select the text you want to share and you should see a little pop-up. Thanks again! 

  1. Just checking out @VocaWorks, a new kind of hiring platform for tech projects. Excited to see this launch!
  2. Loving working with the team @VocaWorks! Great group of people that are going to make a big difference to people's lives and careers.
  3. People don't want gigs. They want meaningful work. VocaWorks vets employers and curates talent to connect awesome people to work on exciting projects together.
  4. I'm excited to be working with @VocaWorks to help build the next generation of talent matching for technology projects. They're creating an awesome pipeline of talent from some of the best universities and boot camps in the country.
  5. We're proud @VocaWorks to give people more #career freedom by offering them direct access to high-quality employers and control over their own compensation.
  6. In a space where recruiters are spamming candidates and candidates are spamming employers, VocaWorks is instead "thinking small." They're matching vetted employers with hand-picked talent, making sure to make matches that are good for everyone.
  7. Stop the madness! VocaWorks doesn't get in the middle of employers and talented professionals. It's direct communication, putting the power back in the hands of the talent, where it belongs.
  8. Excited to be a part of the @VocaWorks team! They are positioned for the gig economy, but making sure that people come first. They're focusing on real career opportunities for talent, and even call themselves the no-gig platform. 

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