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Like anyone who loves what they do, I love talking shop. These days, I'm especially interested in how we can use technology to give people more freedom and choice in their careers. If you are writing about tech entrepreneurship, recruiting / hiring, education, startups, careers, startups, or software, and you would like to hear from me or my companies, drop me a note!

I have enjoyed writing and contributing to many publications over the years, some of which I have rather neurotically cataloged below. These days, I am publishing mostly on, and for quick thoughts, on this site.

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What do I write about?

Listen, we all have issues. My issue, sorry one of my issues, is that I love data and analysis. So I will let the data do the talking... it seems that I love talking and writing about careers the most.

Career topics are my real passion - everything about them: how we find our purpose, how we decide which job fits our personality, how we succeed in our chosen profession, how to love and nourish our lives.

They say the secret to life is to love what you do and do what you love, and I suppose I mostly believe that. We're given one life - it doesn't get much more important than what we do with our time here.

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